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My oh MY

My oh my, we are very excited today in Grumpy pets shop as we have taken stock of an amazing new dog food called Pet Organics. This fresh dog food comes in a see through pouch and is fit for human consumption, it comes in five varieties..Chicken and Rice, Salmon and Pasta, Cumberland Pie, Kedgeree […]

King Kong

We all know that Kongs are a real decent dog toy and this one was shown recently on A TV programme called ‘The Secret lives of dogs’ it was used to help relieve boredom on a dog left at home, when it’s owner was out of work. My own dog the rather magnificent Finn (who […]

‘Tuffy’ toys r us

We have now taken stock of the new Company of Animals Tuffy Toys, designed to give even the toughest jaws a run for their money. Severel layers of tough fabric sewn together make this a more durable soft toy than most, the squeaker is well buried but audible. One just has to pick it up […]

Not camera shy :)

Decembers winner of our in-store raffle was the very delightful Hayley from Cambridge, she was very excited to win a bag of Canagan cat food, top nosh for her favourite feline! Canagan is one of our recommendations for ‘the best food out there’ it has a high meat content,is totally grain free and has a […]