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  beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”  Yes folks it’s that time of year again to start thinking about what present to buy for your pets this Christmas.  Look no further because Grumpy Pets have a fine array of Christmas Toys, treats and jumpers for the pooch or kitty in your life.  You can […]

September’s winner

For those that doubt us (how very dare you) this is the lucky lady that won our free monthly prize draw for September which confirms that we actually have a draw and ‘yes’ you can win it.  If you’re a regular follower of Grumpy Pets you may be thinking….oh no, not another  Symply customer wins but quite frankly that’s of no surprise to us […]

Dear little lad…

A beautiful 9 week old Boxer pup called Milo came in for a visit on Saturday and brightened up our day, he was a super little pup! He was very calm and laid back (long may it reign ) and he really  enjoyed a little rummage on the lower shelves in the treat aisle, luckily […]

Making hay while the suns shines..

Well lookie here, we have two boys who’ve got a reason (hut hum an excuse) to be out in the sunshine, yes suddenly everyone needs to do something to the Grumpster on this hot and sunny day. Yes the Sun’s got it’s October hat on and the boys have downed tools in the shop and […]

Richard just loves…….

….putting Christmas stock away in September    

Cute Pup

This little bundle of fun is only three months old, he’s a poodle x pomeranian called Charlie, he came in with Joyce his owner to buy some pet shop goodies.  Charlie is a very special dog for Joyce who had to part with her guide dog Nat after being together for 10 blissful years.  She missed the company of […]

Big ‘Ed’ ?

This monster of a creature comes to the shop with his owner Rob to collect his Origen Large Breed Puppy food…yes folks he’s a puppy! Oh my he’s going to be one massive dog.  The irony is that he may look intimidating but apparently he’s so gentle, Rob says he’s ‘a real softie’ although there will be many out […]

Marvelous Max

Marvelous Max stepped into the breech when we asked his camera shy mum if we could take her photo after she won our free raffle prize for July, which was a 15kg bag of Symply Puppy food (wow). He was only too pleased to pose with the winning bag because his mum was so happy (she’s never won […]

Feline Fun in Grumpy’s petshop

A most unusual visitor to Grumpy’s pet shop today was a black and white kitten (7 months) called Aisha.  She came in with an elderly lady who was looking after her while her son was away. It seemed very strange to see someone walk in with a cat on a harness but the cat seemed […]

To flea, or not to flea, that is the question!

Yes folks it’s flea season again, we have an abundance of stock to treat your pets, their bedding and your home.  One of the big mistakes that people often make is that they treat the animal but not the home they live in, carpets, soft furnishings and even floorboards need to be treated. It is […]