All posts on October, 2015

September’s winner

For those that doubt us (how very dare you) this is the lucky lady that won our free monthly prize draw for September which confirms that we actually have a draw and ‘yes’ you can win it.  If you’re a regular follower of Grumpy Pets you may be thinking….oh no, not another  Symply customer wins but quite frankly that’s of no surprise to us […]

Dear little lad…

A beautiful 9 week old Boxer pup called Milo came in for a visit on Saturday and brightened up our day, he was a super little pup! He was very calm and laid back (long may it reign ) and he really  enjoyed a little rummage on the lower shelves in the treat aisle, luckily […]

Making hay while the suns shines..

Well lookie here, we have two boys who’ve got a reason (hut hum an excuse) to be out in the sunshine, yes suddenly everyone needs to do something to the Grumpster on this hot and sunny day. Yes the Sun’s got it’s October hat on and the boys have downed tools in the shop and […]