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Jackson wears his poppy with pride!

How clever of the British Legion to bring out poppy’s for dogs and we vote our favourite Boxer dog ‘Jackson’ to be declared this year’s winner for model dog… see how smart he looks We all  feel proud to wear a poppy at this time of the year and seeing our canine friends with a […]

Grumpy sprout

Doesn’t christmas come around quickly? as a retailer there’s nothing more annoying than a rep walking in on a lovely summers day with the christmas catalogue  but if you want to stock the latest christmas range then you must see them and place an order.  From the buyers point of view it’s always good to see […]

Partial to a Pug :)

Always delightful to see someone walk through the door with a lovely puppy, this little dog was no exception, she is an 8 week old Pug called Cuddles.  There has been much excitement in the preparation of this girl’s arrival, she will be the dog that has everything!   Today’s visit was all about the […]

It must be magic

Every month as a big ‘thank you’ to our customers, we run a free raffle whereby customers can win another bag of the dog or cat food that they had brought during the month.  The raffle starts on the 1st of each month and is drawn on the last day of the month. So on […]

Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce….

Mr and Mrs Page (The Bride and Groom). Richard and Jenny finally tied the knot yesterday on a lovely sunny day at Longstowe Hall.  The day was filled with love and laughter as family and friends joined in the celebrations.  They are planning to have a honeymoon in July, so you can expect to see […]

Wedding Bells over Grumpy’s Pet Shop

We’re happy (nay thrilled) to announce that at long last Richard is tying the knot. It’s taken him forty long years to find his Mrs Right which means that next Friday 20th May, 2016 our shop will be closing early 12.30, so that Jules can attend this auspicious occasion. We understand that there will over […]


We’re very excited about a new dog food called Piccolo made especially for small breed dogs. We have been told that it will be available from April 1st so watch our shelves.  Small breed dogs are renowned for being ‘fussy eaters’ but we have been assured that the Piccolo kibble is among the tastiest of […]

Lulu’s Birthday Selfie

Today is the birthday of our resident Cockatoo Lulu who is 28 today.  Now some of you that follow Lulu on Facebook will be aware that her age has  been documented in the past as 30 something but new evidence that has come to light shows Lulu’s real age to be 28.  It would be […]

Kernel Kat, tried, tested …and loved!

It’s quite common in our trade to hear from suppliers who ‘claim’ to have the best products, so it’s really refreshing when something comes along that throws everything else into the shade and meets the claim of the Sales Rep.  One such product is a new cat litter that we have recently taken on called […]

We’re celebrating :)

Everybody likes to poke fun when someone they know is having a big ‘0’ birthday, so without further ado I can say…. “RICHARD PAGE IS 40″( yay) This blog isn’t going to be one of those filled with clichés about getting old or life begins…. etc Richards been my business partner now since  2001 and I can honestly […]