About Us

When Richard and I started Grumpys Pet Shop in 1991 we decided to focus on the promotion of premium foods because we truly believe that (like us) you are what you eat. Advanced research into pet nutrition has seen the birth of some fantastic foods which keep our pets in optimal health and prolong their life. Working in the shop puts us in the unique position of being able to monitor how dogs progress on certain diets and without doubt the ones fed on a good quality premium diet enjoy much better health and require less visits to the vets.

Our shop in Scotland Road is very well stocked; we have a vast array of soft toys, training aids, treats, leads, collars, pet bedding and foods.

We are very aware that people lead very busy lives so we offer a free delivery service within a five mile radius of the shop we just ask for a minimum spend of £15 to use it. Most people order and pay over the phone and if you phone us before 10:00 we try and deliver the goods on the same day.

When we first started Grumpy’s we did some local pet sitting for a few customers but this has proven to be very popular with our customers and this service now runs throughout the year excluding Christmas day and New years day.