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Something different

Jules is always looking for something new and innovative to sell in Grumpy’s pet shop. This time she’s ‘come up trumps’ with a product that keep dogs interested and stimulated whilst their owner is not at home or when the dog is in a stressful situation. LickiMats are colourful mats or bowls that come in different shapes and sizes, they have a […]

All Change at Grumpy’s

If you’ve been into Grumpy’s recently you can’t help but notice our new shop refit is underway. Which is really exciting because that means more space for new stock Richard and Jason have been arming themselves with paint brushes and power tools to transform Grumpy’s.  We now have new slat wall and shelving in a lovely […]

Some pets just get stressed…

Pet remedy is a de-stress and calming product that can be used for all mammals,birds including cats, dogs,rabbits,rodents and horses.  It’s totally brilliant because it can be used for a multitude of anxiety related issues that we have with our pets, this could be stress caused by separation issues, travel, trips to the vets, new […]

Seriously healthy snackage

Recently sourced from a trade show, Grumpy’s is happy to announce the arrival of a new and exciting range of premium natural hand baked dog treat called ‘Bark bites’.  These treats are 100% human grade ingredients with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. There are no processed or rendered meats or other animal by-products in […]

Ain’t she sweet

At the end of last year it was hard saying goodbye to our beloved ‘Grumpster’ (The Freelander commercial vehicle) which served us well for many years, she was a ‘legend’ in the Chesterton area and people would often wave when they saw her coming down the road. Times move on and we replaced her with […]

Richards ‘sugar rush’ birthday.

Who was it who said…’let them (him) eat cake’? It must have been Richard’s mum because yesterday it was his birthday and he was on a complete  ‘sugar high’ after consuming lemon sponge, Greggs cream doughnuts (thanks Marie Howard) AND Krispy Kreme doughnuts (thanks Tyler Johnson).  The healthy ham salad sandwich (with granary bread) that […]

Jackson wears his poppy with pride!

How clever of the British Legion to bring out poppy’s for dogs and we vote our favourite Boxer dog ‘Jackson’ to be declared this year’s winner for model dog… see how smart he looks We all  feel proud to wear a poppy at this time of the year and seeing our canine friends with a […]

Grumpy sprout

Doesn’t christmas come around quickly? as a retailer there’s nothing more annoying than a rep walking in on a lovely summers day with the christmas catalogue  but if you want to stock the latest christmas range then you must see them and place an order.  From the buyers point of view it’s always good to see […]

Partial to a Pug :)

Always delightful to see someone walk through the door with a lovely puppy, this little dog was no exception, she is an 8 week old Pug called Cuddles.  There has been much excitement in the preparation of this girl’s arrival, she will be the dog that has everything!   Today’s visit was all about the […]

It must be magic

Every month as a big ‘thank you’ to our customers, we run a free raffle whereby customers can win another bag of the dog or cat food that they had brought during the month.  The raffle starts on the 1st of each month and is drawn on the last day of the month. So on […]