Big ‘Ed’ ?

This monster of a creature comes to the shop with his owner Rob to collect his Origen Large Breed Puppy food…yes folks he’s a puppy! Oh my he’s going to be one massive dog.  The irony is that he may look intimidating but apparently he’s so gentle, Rob says he’s ‘a real softie’ although there will be many out there who won’t be trying to find out (including me).  His name is Khan and it doesn’t take long for him to munch his way through a big bag of dog food, so we get to see him quite often :)  It always makes me smile seeing Robs van on the forecourt and this ‘big Ed’ peering out of the window, people walking by always do a ‘double take’ when they see him. Needless to say Rob doesn’t have to lock the vehicle when he comes in, after all who would take the chance??


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