C-A-T astrophe

We were looking after two adorable kittens this weekend, who were causing mayhem while their owners were away. Julius and Lulu decided to create havoc and much to my horror they (or at least one of them) had obviously been up on the sideboard and knocked over the many photo frames, birthday cards, and vases, one of which had broken (beyond repair). Unperturbed they continued to race around having a fine ol’ time until eventually cupboard love kicked in as I opened a pouch of cat food, they meandered around my legs and at this point I moved in and picked them up for a quick cuddle, wow they were SO cute.  After a belly full of scrummy food the mischievous twosome were off again….this time to upset the waste bin and it’s contents on the floor! Bank holiday madness :)


photo (17)

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