Does your cat drink enough water?

Sometimes customers report that their cat doesn’t drink enough water, there may be many reasons for this, firstly they may be fed on a ‘wet’ cat food that has a high moisture content or the water bowl is not the right one or positioned in the right place. Cats can very easily dehydrate or go on to develop feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC)  and bladder stones, all of which amounts to a costly visit to a Veterinary Surgeon and then a special prescription diet. Prevention is the key, so here are eight important facts that every cat owner needs to know…

1. Keep food and water bowls well separated  2. Change the water several times a day to ensure that is is fresh.  3.Fill the bowls to the top. Cats don’t like having to put their faces deep into bowls.  4. Wash bowls on a daily basis; refilling without washing can lead to contamination.  5. If the bowl starts to look worn and scratched replace it.  6. In multi-cat households provide one water bowl per cat, and ensure that these are placed in different areas of the house.  7. For very fussy cats, use a water fountain.  8. As a rule of thumb, if you would not drink water from that cat’s bowl then neither should the cat!


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