Fantastic Freddie

It’s that time of the year again and the Grumpy’s crew are out and about doing lots of pet sitting while people are making the most of the sunny weather.  One of the nicest things about pet sitting is meeting all the cute pets that our customer’s own and there are always one or two that we (the pet sitter) would like to take home, now let me introduce you to one of my personal favorites…Freddie.  He was such a cute boy, for the time I was there he pretended to be MY CAT (oh yes) cuddles and purr’s-a-plenty; with hindsight I think it might have been cupboard love but I won’t be offended.  When his owners left to go on holiday he tried to jump in the taxi with them, so the family left for their holiday in floods of tears at leaving poor Freddie behind.  They need not have worried he was soon using his feline charms on us and we were sad when this pet sitting came to an end, he’s one of our Top Cats!

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