Feline Fun in Grumpy’s petshop

A most unusual visitor to Grumpy’s pet shop today was a black and white kitten (7 months) called Aisha.  She came in with an elderly lady who was looking after her while her son was away. It seemed very strange to see someone walk in with a cat on a harness but the cat seemed relaxed and ‘quite at home’ and I was reliably informed that she even ‘liked’ Lulu (probably thought she looked like Christmas Dinner!) Even the customers in the shop did a ‘double take’ seeing a cat on a lead…so I had to take a photo of the two of them for bringing a smile to everyone’s face :)

photo (17)

  • shirley

    so pleased you put Aisha’s picture on your blog . She is now back with her servants (my son and daughter-in law)I will get them to send you pictures of her latest exploits,catching butterfies, So pleased to have met you in your lovely pet shop ! and of course to have met your wonderful big bird who talks to everyone. best wishes

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