Grumpy sprout

Doesn’t christmas come around quickly? as a retailer there’s nothing more annoying than a rep walking in on a lovely summers day with the christmas catalogue  but if you want to stock the latest christmas range then you must see them and place an order.  From the buyers point of view it’s always good to see ‘something different’ and Grumpy’s often gets complimented for this and having a huge range of treats and toys to peruse. Our shop often get likened to ‘Aladdin’s cave’.

Before you know it, September arrives along with the reams of christmas stock, which doesn’t go down well with Mr Grumpy.  While he prices it up, he shakes his head, moans and tuts, and is often heard muttering “it’s far too early” and I quite agree.. but lessons have been learned from previous years when we’ve not put the christmas toys and stockings out until the 1st of December only to be told by customers that they have brought them already!! So although it’s only early October, if you come into the shop, you’ll see some of the new exciting christmas range… I think the ‘grumpy’ sprout looks a lot like Richard :) Happy days x


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