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WELL…we’re all-a quiver this week because the long awaited kitten food from Meowing Heads has finally arrived and is adorning our shelves with all it’s grace and beauty! Pet Foods UK who produced this food have come up trumps once again and have produced the purrrrrfect food for your little furry felines and it’s all made with the finest human grade quality ingredients.

It comes in two varieties Smitten Kitten (made with scrumptious chicken) and Kitten’s delight (with delicious salmon) We have checked the ingredients and have awarded it with our Grumpy’s Gold Seal of approval, in fact we’re so excited about this food that we can’t wait to get in a litter of kittens to feed it to. With cats being true carnivoires they are really going to enjoy the high meat content of this food and the dry kibble will help to keep their teeth clean and breath fresh (no more nasty niffs) So if you want to give this food a try ask in-store for a free sample and we’ll tell you why this food is simply the best!

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