If you feed a raw diet read on …..

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With the Barf diet being very popular at the moment, Grumpy’s is pleased to offer it’s customers a  complete supplement to add to the raw meat it’s called Smartbarf.

Not everyone has time to source the necessary vegetables, fruits, oils and supplements that people feed alongside the raw meat diet, so this ‘switched-on’ company have come up with a very practical solution.   A supplement that contains all the essential herbs, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts along with varied oils, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It’s so easy to use, just add the appropriate measure to the raw meat (or you can mix it with water and it will keep in the fridge for seven days) then you’re ready to feed the dog.  One of the main concerns that our customers have about feeding a raw food diet is the amount of time it takes to prepare it, so we were quite anxious to stock this product and help them out!  Each pouch will supplement a medium sized dog for approximately 35 meals so it represents real value for money.  Smart move, Smartbarf :)

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