It must be magic

Every month as a big ‘thank you’ to our customers, we run a free raffle whereby customers can win another bag of the dog or cat food that they had brought during the month.  The raffle starts on the 1st of each month and is drawn on the last day of the month. So on Tuesday this week we asked the last customer of the day to draw the winning ticket for May, so let me set the scene…

Up to this point, our customer (whom we shall call Jonathon – because that’s his name ;) ) usually buys wild food food products from us but on this occasion he also brought a 12kg Symply Large Breed Puppy.  (This was because Jonathan was rehoming a very lovely GSD puppy called Ralph from the Dogs Trust).

Jason who was writing out his entry ticket laughed and said “instead of writing your name and telephone number on the ticket, I shall just write ‘you’. We all laughed at the concept of him pulling out his own ticket on entering the raffle for the first time.  The ticket was placed in the box and shaken vigorously by Jason and offered back to Jonathan to make the draw.  Our jaws dropped in amazement as he revealed the winning ticket to be the one with ‘you’ on it, how lucky for him but I swear he looked an awful lot like the magician who was last week’s winner of Britains got talent! hahaha :)


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