It’s Freeeezing!!!












Baby it may be cold outside but we are keeping the ‘C’ in cool by bringing in another Natures menu freezer to house more stock.

Having had the finger on the pulse of the pet industry for some time it is becoming increasingly obvious that feeding a natural raw food diet is gaining momentum amongst the masses. So we’ve responded by giving more of our very valuable floor space to an upright Natures Menu Freezer.  To be honest thus far, the product pretty much sells itself but with prime retail space and a new upright freezer, which will show the product off in its full glory, we are expecting that our customers will be interested in finding out more about feeding a raw food diet.  The freezer will enable us to stock more of the faster selling lines and give us the ability to try out different products.  By having extra freezer capacity it will be easier to respond to our customers that want to take advantage of our ‘free’ delivery service and have frozen food delivered at a specific time.  So all-in-all a new freezer equates to a win win situation for everyone.

We are also happy to report an increase in the sales of Smartbarf which is proving a great way to supplement the freeflow minces.

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