Kernel Kat, tried, tested …and loved!

It’s quite common in our trade to hear from suppliers who ‘claim’ to have the best products, so it’s really refreshing when something comes along that throws everything else into the shade and meets the claim of the Sales Rep.  One such product is a new cat litter that we have recently taken on called Kernel Kat, we think it’s the bees knees and definitely get the Grumpy’s seal of approval.  The thing we like about this cat litter is that it ticks all the boxes, the litter is  maize based and is ultra absorbent, no more sticky patches at the bottom of the cat litter tray and it lasts  five times longer than other cat litters (wowser).  It can be safely flushed down the toilet as the granules dissolve to liquid in under 60 seconds (it really does) AND the thing that really blows our mind is… that’s its trackless! no more mess brought out of the litter tray by tiny paws – woo hoo :)

This product has been tried, tested and loved by one very fussy cat owner at Grumpy’s Pet Shop, so pop along soon to buy a bag and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!


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