Marvellous Pet Munchies Stand

There’s nothing like a new project to get Richard really excited even when he’s got ‘man-flu’ and today’s little distraction was a new display stand.  It’s a sight to behold watching him put together a stand that arrives in millions of pieces (slight exaggeration) with minimal instructions (fairly accurate), it’s fair to say that he would have been a mean contestant for the ‘Krypton Factor’ (70’s game show) or The Crystal Maze (a cool 90’s game show) either way ‘the boy done good’!!

So now it’s been all merchandised up and is looking lovely, we are waiting with bated breath for our customers to come and buy some healthy ‘quality’ treats and for Richard….well he’s waiting for the next thing to come along which he can pose next to for a cheeky blog (bless him :))



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