My oh MY

My oh my, we are very excited today in Grumpy pets shop as we have taken stock of an amazing new dog food called Pet Organics. This fresh dog food comes in a see through pouch and is fit for human consumption, it comes in five varieties..Chicken and Rice, Salmon and Pasta, Cumberland Pie, Kedgeree and Vegetables, and Lamb Hotpot…(no kidding I would swop my Spag Bol for one of these pouches any day of the week :) ) The meat and veg is organic and comes with its own vitamin and mineral supplement sachet…it’s not a cheap product to feed but if you have a fussy dog that wastes his food or just want to give your dog a wholesome treat occasionally then this is the product for you. It’s looks scrum-diddly-ocius so come in store and see the wonder!


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