Richards ‘sugar rush’ birthday.

Who was it who said…’let them (him) eat cake’? It must have been Richard’s mum because yesterday it was his birthday and he was on a complete  ‘sugar high’ after consuming lemon sponge, Greggs cream doughnuts (thanks Marie Howard) AND Krispy Kreme doughnuts (thanks Tyler Johnson).  The healthy ham salad sandwich (with granary bread) that he brought in for lunch was instantly discarded as he grazed his way through these calorific fancies throughout the day, by the afternoon he was bouncing off the walls and we couldn’t stop him talking :( It all came to an abrupt end when late in the afternoon he got a ‘sugar low’ so he cheered himself up by looking to see how many birthday wishes/likes he got on Facebook (77 in total!!!) Well Mr Page aren’t we glad they all didn’t buy you lunch :)

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