Smart shop….not so smart painter ;)

Grumpy’s is getting a spring face lift :) with the warmer drier weather that has come early this year Richard decided it was time to down his smart phone (well ok not completely) and take up a paint brush. Hooray I hear you cry, thats what we thought too until in his preparation he cut the phone line to the shop! Losing not only telephone calls, internet but our ability to use our card terminal for payments (boo Richard), we have now officially banned him from using the wire cutters because it was not his first offence with the said weapon.  Luckily BT had us up and running  again within a day so all was not lost.  On the bright side he’s making a real good job of decorating the front of the shop, so maybe we could hire him out and add it to our list of services that we offer. I can see it now Tricky Dickies Decorating Services trained by Mr Bean :)

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