Some pets just get stressed…

Pet remedy is a de-stress and calming product that can be used for all mammals,birds including cats, dogs,rabbits,rodents and horses.  It’s totally brilliant because it can be used for a multitude of anxiety related issues that we have with our pets, this could be stress caused by separation issues, travel, trips to the vets, new home, change of routine, boredom etc  The product is available as a simple calming spray, plug in diffuser,wipes or a funky bandana that can be sprayed and placed round the dogs neck. We’ve been selling this product for a while now and have very many happy customers who come back regularly to buy more sprays or refills and they say that this product works really well for their pets.

If you know anyone thats having a stress related problem with their pets and might benefit from using this product then please share this post.  If you’re already a customer with us and you share our post then as a ‘one off thank you very much’ we will offer you a 20% discount on any pet remedy product when you’re next in store.  Probably best not to ask Mr Grumpy he has to lie down in a darkened room if you mention the discount word :)

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