Something different

Jules is always looking for something new and innovative to sell in Grumpy’s pet shop. This time she’s ‘come up trumps’ with a product that keep dogs interested and stimulated whilst their owner is not at home or when the dog is in a stressful situation. LickiMats are colourful mats or bowls that come in different shapes and sizes, they have a raised surface which you can spread with a soft treat like dog pate or Peamutt butter and can be given to the dog just before you go out. The dog will then enjoy licking his favourite treat from the mat seeking out every morsel with his tongue.

It is well documented that ‘licking’ can release endorphins in a dog’s brain which help to calm them and help them feel less anxious. One of the bowls even has a suction underneath that you can stick to hard surfaces and this can be really useful when bathing or showering your dog.  LickiMats can also be used for cats as a slow feeder to stop them bolting their food down.

The Trixie Pates that we sell in Grumpy’s would work well with LickiMats, they come in different flavours, Chicken, Liver, Beef, Bacon and Lamb. They are keenly priced at £2.75 and are also really useful when use in conjunction with the special cap that slow releases the treat when you’re out on a walk, this is really useful for training your dog to walk to heel.

Trust Jules to find another little gem :)

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