Summer bedding has arrived and Mr Grumpy is happy

Richard is as pleased as punch that the summer bedding plants have now arrived, not that he’s much of a keen gardener just a sucker for a pretty face. :)  Many people would be surprised to find bedding plants in a pet shop but we have been selling them for many years now and it feels like we’re providing a service for the local community.  Elderly folks who can’t get to the garden centres rely on us to get some pretty flowers in for their gardens, having said that on many occasions people coming in for a bag of dog food also go out with a tray of summer bedding, so it’s a win win situation for everyone. It’s Richard in the main who looks after the plants and he enjoys nothing more than going out to do the watering and dead-heading, he’s a regular Alan Titchmarsh these days…he’ll be wearing his carpet slippers and PJ’s to work next! ;)

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