The Yellow Dog Project

Grumpy’s has been very excited to hear about the Yellow Dog Project.

It’s an online project to encourage owners to tie a yellow ribbon around their dogs lead to indicate to other dog owners that their dog needs space.

It’s such a simple idea but one that would really benefit dog owners when walking their dog in public places.

How many times have owners been caught up in an unexpected fracas when a nervous dog meets a dominant one?

There are many reasons why dogs can be reactive around each other, health, training issues or just plain scared.

So we’re hoping to raise awareness of this project of by telling all our customers and by selling yellow ribbons to people with dog needs S-P-A-C-E Please spread the word love Grumpy’s xx

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please leave my dog alone Yellow dog postcard

Grumpy's - proudly supporting The Yellow Dog Project

Grumpy’s – proudly supporting The Yellow Dog Project

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