We’re celebrating :)

Everybody likes to poke fun when someone they know is having a big ‘0’ birthday, so without further ado I can say…. “RICHARD PAGE IS 40″( yay)

This blog isn’t going to be one of those filled with clichés about getting old or life begins…. etc

Richards been my business partner now since  2001 and I can honestly say ‘we’ve come along way’ and yes we’re still in business (hooray for us). I don’t know if its our looks, charisma or his barefaced cheek that keep Grumpy’s Pet Shop in the spotlight but we’re hardly going to complain.  We have lovely customers that have supported us for years and enjoy coming in for some pet shop banter, I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a day when he hasn’t made me laugh out loud. I suppose the key to our success is that we don’t take life too seriously and we’re passionate about what we do.  He’s getting married in May so maybe he’ll calm down a bit? OK well maybe he won’t, anyway he’s out there celebrating with friends and family right now and we’re here…..erm working! “Happy Birthday Richard” from Jules, Jason and Lulu xxx



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