We’re pleased and proud to present….Orijen


Things are hotting up here at Grumpy’s, we’ve just taken stock of a wonderful Canadian product called Orijen.   Those that know us well, will know how committed we are about recommending and feeding natural pet foods because of all the health benefits to pets.  So by adding this jewel to our crown it has caused real excitement in the Grumpy’s camp :)

Those amongst  us that are really serious about feeding the best dog/cat food in the world, will look at the ingredients of Orijen and would make it a very serious contender.  What sets this product apart from other similar super premium products? well it’s the way they source their ingredients.  The product is made in Canada in award-winning kitchens and every ingredient has been lovingly hand picked by those lovely people at Orijen, they buy produce from local farmers and it’s all made on their own premises, so they have one hundred percent control of the making of the product. Their mission statement is that they make ‘Biologically Appropriate’ foods which roughly translated means they use the freshness and variety of meats that an animal would have naturally hunted for in the wild and which they are now evolved to eat.

Orijen already has a large army of loyal customers  (they are one of the sponsors of Crufts this year!)  we wanted not only to be able to supply them  but to be able to spread the word amongst our ‘savvy’ customer’s and offer them the chance to feed something really special. but we wanted to stock it and run it alongside our very prestigious range.  Not only do we want to sell this to an

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