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We’re pleased and proud to present….Orijen

Things are hotting up here at Grumpy’s, we’ve just taken stock of a wonderful Canadian product called Orijen.   Those that know us well, will know how committed we are about recommending and feeding natural pet foods because of all the health benefits to pets.  So by adding this jewel to our crown it has caused real […]

If you feed a raw diet read on …..

                      With the Barf diet being very popular at the moment, Grumpy’s is pleased to offer it’s customers a  complete supplement to add to the raw meat it’s called Smartbarf. Not everyone has time to source the necessary vegetables, fruits, oils and supplements that people […]

My oh MY

My oh my, we are very excited today in Grumpy pets shop as we have taken stock of an amazing new dog food called Pet Organics. This fresh dog food comes in a see through pouch and is fit for human consumption, it comes in five varieties..Chicken and Rice, Salmon and Pasta, Cumberland Pie, Kedgeree […]

‘Tuffy’ toys r us

We have now taken stock of the new Company of Animals Tuffy Toys, designed to give even the toughest jaws a run for their money. Severel layers of tough fabric sewn together make this a more durable soft toy than most, the squeaker is well buried but audible. One just has to pick it up […]