Grumpy’s have been looking after our girls (8 chickens) and 3 cats for a couple of years now and they do a fabulous job. We’ve been particularly pleased with how well they’ve looked after Coggy our 20 year old cat, she requires a lot of TLC, which they provide in abundance. The real benefits for us of having all the animals being cared for at home, are that it saves us time, and the animals are a lot less stressed than they would be if we had to take them to catteries etc. So it’s well worth it for the peace of mind.
Hi Richard and Julie

Our Mum and Dad have told us that you are creating a Website to promote your pet sitting service and asked if we would recommend you to other pets.

The answer is most certainly 'absolutely yes!!!!'. We think of you as our best friends and look forward to your visits. BUT we will only recommend you so long as it doesn't mean you get so many other friends you can't fit us in anymore!

To let other people know - we are 20 year old parrots called Captain and Clipper and have lived here for nearly 11 years. Captain is a Blue and Gold Macaw and I am a Citron Crested Cockatoo. We have been together all our lives and can be a bit mischievous at times.

When Mum and Dad go away they have always arranged for our wonderful playmates Richard or Julie to come and feed us and to make sure we are alright. We like to see Richard or Julie as they feed us and also spend time talking and playing with us. They allow us out of the cage and play for a short time while the cage is cleaned out.

Don't tell Mum and Dad but we actually enjoy the break from them - they can be such hard work to keep entertained!! We always make sure they know we are please to have them home though!

Once Richard and Julie had to looked after us for almost 3 weeks when grandma died. It was very upsetting for everyone but Mum and Dad said it gave them so much peace of mind to know that 'their boys' were well looked after.

We'll let Mum and Dad write something now.

Looking forward to your next visit!

Captain and Clipper
Dear Richard and Julie,

As usual Captain and Clipper have said it all!! We can't believe this is our 11th year of using your marvellous pet-sitting service.

When we got 'our boys' we knew having parrots as pets would be a huge commitment. We love them dearly but we have to say that without your help and support we would not be able to relax and enjoy our times away from them.

We would definitely recommend your fantastic friendly service to any pet owner and are happy to talk to any of your potential clients about your service.

We look forward to the next 40 years of using your service!!

Chris and Fiona
Richard and Jules at Grumpy Pets have been caring for my adored cat 'Trouble' for several years now, and before that for her sister too. They are absolutely reliable, honest, trustworthy and respectful of my property. They are also efficient in feeding, watering, administering medication - and though absolutely able to cope with any situation, also very proactive in ringing to let me know what is happening if they feel that is necessary. They are a delight to deal with, always friendly, cheerful and willing to go the extra mile. Most important of all, however, they genuinely care for Trouble and treat her as if she were their own. I always know she is in safe hands and well cuddled!
Susan Bullen